Alpaca Rivalry

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If you can’t get any magnum ice creams at Tesco’s in Swindon it’s probably because they are all sold out and in my freezer!

I got in there quick before they all disappeared like the paddling pools did.

Very selfish I know but I had too! I have to confess these are my latest addiction πŸ™‚

What am I like? Last year it was ice cream snickers bars.

Why I was eating ice cream last year, for the life of me I can’t remember, ...

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The Alpacas back on Track

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The alpacas and I got a treat yesterday dinner time, courtesy of the Red Arrows who must have been doing a display or practicing, somewhere near by.

However, how stupid am I?

I was sat in the fields with the girls, camera in hand with the intention of taking some more cria shots when the Red Arrows first flew over.

Whilst my eyes were glued to the sky for the half an hour or so they were there, watching them perform their amazing ...

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Crystal Ball Anyone?

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I’m at a bit of a loss, sitting here with my asus pad in front of me wondering just what to write the blog about today.

The girls have kindly been delivering their cria one at a time, perfectly spread out, giving me lots to write about.

But we’ve had no alpaca births for two days now, what’s going on?

I think I must have been taking them for granted and now it’s pay back time, they are going to make me wait ...

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One Relieved Alpaca Shepherdess

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We had a very early start today as half the alpaca herd were due their vaccinations. The plan was to get in and out quick before it got too hot!

The last thing the alpacas need is me messing around with them in the middle of a hot summers day.

I wonder if they appreciated my thoughtfulness?

I seriously doubted it, all they see is me coming at them with a needle and I don’t think they appreciate that much whatever the time ...

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Living with the Alpacas

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Another hot and sunny day on our alpaca farm, time for another blog post and guess what? Yippee! yes another cria has just arrived, this time a little lad.

Now I’ve given the game away and told you the sex, perhaps you’d like to have a guess at the colour?

There’s no prizes for guessing that one, if you know anything about my herd, he’s a beautiful shade of pure white. Are you at all surprised? πŸ™‚

His mother is Harefield Touch of ...

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Just Chillin

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It’s just a little bit cooler here on our alpaca farm today, about 22 degrees so they say. I don’t think it’s actually any cooler in reality, just that today there is a bit of a breeze which stops me feeling quite so scorched.

It looks like the temp is set to ramp up a notch or two for the weekend as 28 degrees is the forecast for Saturday, hot!

So girls, to those of you still hanging on to your cria, ...

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