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It’s just a little bit cooler here on our alpaca farm today, about 22 degrees so they say. I don’t think it’s actually any cooler in reality, just that today there is a bit of a breeze which stops me feeling quite so scorched.

It looks like the temp is set to ramp up a notch or two for the weekend as 28 degrees is the forecast for Saturday, hot!

So girls, to those of you still hanging on to your cria, today is a very good day to give birth, so much better than waiting till the weekend.

Not gonna happen is it girls? πŸ™

The two new youngsters, Marlie and Ashlea are becoming very good friends, and are already enticing each other into mischief, especially where the chickens are concerned.

The chickens have had a peaceful time of it lately especially since Wilson and Teddy have moved with their mothers back into the fields with the main herd.

The older alpacas are not much bothered with the chickens, in fact most days the chickens can be found sunbathing right in amongst them.

The cria however are just fascinated by the chickens, initially it’s just a look see to find out what they are.

Then when the cria realize how fast the chickens can move, alpaca – chicken chase and mayhem takes over the birthing paddock.

I wonder if this is why Ronnie the cockerel chases my mother? perhaps he gets bored between the cria births πŸ™‚

It’s on days like to day when I know I’m the lucky one, I really must have the best job in the world.

I really shouldn’t rub it in, especially if you are stuck working in doors somewhere, but sorry I have to brag just a bit πŸ™‚

I’m sat out side under a huge umbrella, enjoying a magnum double caramel ice lolly, watching my girls chill.

Is this work? or my kind of heaven πŸ™‚

Marlie & Ashlea elite alpacas

Marlie & Ashlea

Marlie, Ashlea & Select - elite alpacas

Marlie, Ashlea & Select

Ashlea & select elite alpacas

Ashlea chillin with her mum select





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