BioSecureWarningBiosecurity is for us a very serious matter. Our herd took a long time to source and are very valuable to us, not only financially but also emotionally. With this in mind we have taken every precaution to safe guard the health and safety of our herd, not only for us but as an assurance for all our customers.

All our alpacas are routinely faecal tested to keep a close check on any disease and parasites within our alpacas. This enables us to keep our alpacas healthy and disease free.



badger fencingTo prevent disease entering we made the decision to secure our Alpaca enclosures with Tornado Badger fencing. The badger fencing prevents access by carriers of Bovine TB from the wildlife vector entering the enclosure by walking in, climbing over and digging under.




trenchingThis is achieved, by not only covering above ground with this high tensile small meshed fencing, but also by sinking the fencing down into the ground and away underground to stop wildlife gaining entry by digging. The final barrier is mains electric fencing which tops the badger fencing to eliminate entry by climbing. Added security involves disinfectant foot-baths placed at entry points to prevent infection being carried into the alpaca area’s by foot.



Angelo supreme champion trophy

Angelo – Supreme Champion Fleece

For added security, we do not offer any stud services or take our animals to any halter shows, preferring for safety sake to only compete in fleece shows

Finally there have been no stock movement onto our farm for over two years. We feel all these precautions are totally necessary to insure a healthy disease free herd.