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Quick update – I’ve just come up for air, as I’ve finished my number two project and about to commence number three, more on those when they are all finished.

I’ve been locked in my studio since the doors were first opened and the novelty of having my own space still hasn’t worn off, even when my ceramic radiator decided it had a fault and stopped working, replacement is on its way, wasn’t enough to send me scurrying back to the cabin. Mind I did find an electric blow heater to tied me over ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t work with cold fingers.

I obviously come out of my studio to see to the Alpaca’s, do the farm chores and get my fix of fresh air. The rest of the time I can keep a close eye on them while I’m inside working, via my lap top and cctv camera’s.

Fortunately Dora’s not realized how I’m watching her, otherwise I’m sure she’d position herself under one of the camera’s to tell me it’s time I brought her in ๐Ÿ™‚ That girl sure likes the home comforts of the barn.

Yesterday the big boys were due their toe nails trimming, an easy job as they are all very well behaved. It was a good time to give them a hands on once over, check their condition etc..

These boys live out all winter. I say that, but they spend as much time in their field shelter as the girls spend in the barn. It makes me laugh that when I let the girls in the barn,the big boys are soon to follow, of they all trot to their shelter.

As it’s been so wet of late, it was a good time to check their overall condition and especially their feet. Even though they have mostly dry area’s in their paddock the alpacas do seem to like water and will happily play for ages, in the large puddles that have appeared.

Happy to report no issues with the boys, except maybe they’ve been lying to me, telling me their hungry and want bigger rations, when in fact they are slightly tubby little men and are all ready getting far to much.

With much trepidation I decided to check the status of Angelo’s fleece this year. I say trepidation as every year that passes, due to his age, being a working male, and probably overfeeding, I’m expecting to see his fleece start to loose it’s wow factor.

I took the camera with me to record what was under all the dirt, he does like to roll ๐Ÿ™ and looked a blooming mess. I’ll let you judge what I found

Fleece shot - Honeyfield Angelo - elite white alpaca male


Fleece shot - Honeyfield Angelo - elite white alpaca male


Fleece shot - Honeyfield Angelo - elite white alpaca male



  1. Amberly Alpacas  February 15, 2016

    What a treasure!!!!

  2. Alpacas of East Anglia  February 15, 2016

    Lovely! Excited……!


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