Original parcel ol land

Original parcel ol land

Originally purchased as five acres of land within the stunning village of Wanborough, a permanent home for our horses was established, to escape the competitive nature of livery yards.





Second parcel of land

Second parcel of land

This later developed into the venture now known as HoneyField Alpacas, becoming a changing point for the land which expanded to 10.5 acres, to include Bio-Secure Alpaca enclosures and buildings.





This was a very momentous decision that was not easy to make. We knew we were risking everything that we had worked twenty five years to achieve. Our home needed to be sold to fund this venture, which would have been scary if it had only been myself and my husband, but was doubly scary as we still had our three children living at home and we were making them homeless too. Our life changing decision came about because of many factors.

Firstly I guess it started with me when I was a child. I grew up wanting to become a vet, this was not to be as my grades at school just weren’t good enough. It wasn’t until I was older having gone back into education as a mature student, did I find out I was Dyslexic. After finishing a BA Hons Degree in Craft Design, I was left with the decision to either go into teaching or work for myself.


Charlie horse



This was when I bought my first horse and my love of animals took center stage again. I knew that to achieve happiness I needed to work with animals and to incorporate craft and design along side.







My husband Neil is a builder, who desperately needed a new hip, damaged by wear and tear, due to the physical nature of his job. His hip has now been replaced and he is happy to carry on in his chosen career, but knows that this isn’t his long time future as there will come a day when physically he is no longer able. This is when he would join me full time in our chosen venture.





alpaca paddocks 2

We searched for the ideal career change that would work for both of us. Alpacas for us were the answer; as I’d be working with animals and their fleeces would give me fantastic craft opportunities. Neil when ready to finish in the building trade would be able to enjoy the slower pace of life that Alpaca farming brings.






Looks like Select is on child minding duty

Thanks to our wonderful Alpacas, and following a sound business plan, we are now able to build our permanent home on our land. To build our own house, on our own land, have a successful business, farming these intelligent, gentle and friendly creatures is for us, is what dreams are made of.





sleepy boy

A simple career choice has turned into a complete lifestyle change and we have never been happier. It was most definitely the right decision for us, a decision we have never regretted. I pinch myself every morning just to make sure it’s a reality.




We are Donna and Neil Stalker and if this is your dream, we would be delighted to hear from you and to help make your dreams come true…