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Another hot and sunny day on our alpaca farm, time for another blog post and guess what? Yippee! yes another cria has just arrived, this time a little lad.

Now I’ve given the game away and told you the sex, perhaps you’d like to have a guess at the colour?

There’s no prizes for guessing that one, if you know anything about my herd, he’s a beautiful shade of pure white. Are you at all surprised? 🙂

His mother is Harefield Touch of Class aka Toc, and his father is Wellground Dimitri. again this little one has a superb pedigree, so as usual great things are expected.

Toc's Cria - Elite alpaca

Toc's Cria - Elite alpaca

Marlie couldn't wait to say hello

Marlie couldn’t wait to say hello

Toc I think will take the prize again this year for the quickest birth, she really doesn’t mess around. You have to have your eye on the ball just to witness her birthing as it’s all over and done with in about ten minutes. Once she starts she doesn’t stop till she’s dropped it.

Unfortunately today, I suspect due to the weather this little guy was very flat shortly after birth.

After administering a little kick start he immediately perked up, however this was quite short lived and as he was showing no interest in his mothers milk, I knew it was time for me to step in.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to stomach tubed a cria. In fact the last time was our very first birth here at Honeyfield, but once you’ve done it it’s like riding a bike you never forget, which is a good job as using this method can mean the difference between life and death.

To make sure this little lad survives the important thing was not only to get some colostrum into him but also plasma, which will make sure he has the antibodies in his system that he needs to survive.

Luckily we have a supply of plasma that was collected from a few members of our herd last year and it only takes a short while to defrost before it’s ready to use.

Toc his mother was also very obliging and on the hour every hour she allowed us to milk a sizable amount from her, which I also tubed into the little lad.

I’m happy and relieved to report that he, who has no name, is doing fine and is finally managing to suckle directly from his mother.

The money shot!

The money shot!

I’ll keep a close eye on the pair for a few days but I’m fairly confident in saying, that’s a good job jobbed.

It could easily have been another story though if we weren’t lucky enough to live on site.










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