A very special birthday!

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Today is a very special day, it’s my dad’s 70th birthday.

The last few years have been very tough for us as a family, my father was diagnosed with a massive aneurism and had to undergo a triple A operation to save his life. The out come was good but in the process his kidneys stop functioning. After two years on dialysis he was deemed fit enough to have more surgery and a replacement kidney meant he was free at last ...

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Any excuse for an alpaca photo shoot

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It’s the beginning of a new month, time to AD & E all the cria, to give them that injectable sunshine boost that they so need at this time of year.

Whilst I had them in hold it was a chance to take my first photos of their growing fleeces.

The pictures are not particularly good as they were taken in the barn, very quickly so as not to upset the youngsters.  At their age standing still is not much fun especially ...

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