New Year Wish

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Just a short blog today, just enough to wish each and everyone of you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year and to leave you with a quote.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
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Service is Resumed

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Christmas is now over and I’m shattered and looking forward to things getting back into our usual routine. It’s been really great seeing family and friends, but all these nights out are really telling, I think I’m getting old :0))

The Alpaca Hotel at Honeyfield has been fully booked over Christmas and looks set to be the same for the new year. The non stop rain has meant the alpacas have been kept inside the barn, for most of the festive ...

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I’m very sorry to disappoint all of you out there, that were considering purchasing sessions at the Honeyfield Mud Spa for Christmas presents, but the service has had to be withdrawn due to climate issues beyond my control.

I am really sorry that this is such short notice but whilst poo-hoovering the paddocks this morning I noticed that my boots and the wheels of my hoover were clean.  Where had all the mud gone?

It has been replaced with giant pools of ...

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I’m thinking of branching out, diversifying is the big key word in farming today and I think I’m suitably equipped to take advantage, especially in the current climate.

I have thoroughly researched my chosen venture on the internet and found that there are people out there that will pay good money for a session of what; we have plenty of, at Honeyfield Farm.

Further research has shown that there are many benefits which include helping to cure disorders like arthritis, rheumatism, skin ...

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Wacky Racers

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Today has been a day of preparation.  As we are approaching the New Year, decisions need to be made concerning the farm. That sounds very dramatic doesn’t it?

What I really mean is, in what order of importance I list the jobs, I have to give my poor over worked husband.  Don’t tell him that I that I have shown any sympathy for his job list else he will take advantage and I’ll never get them done :0))

The stud paddocks need ...

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The Fluffy Monsters

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Another great day for me, but not so for the cria, today was ear tagging and micro chipping day.   I have to say it’s not my favourite job, but it’s one of those that have to be done.  It all went well and the little one’s hardly made a fuss at all.  Now that there all sporting their numbered orange ear tags, it will be so much easier to tell them apart.

It was starting to become difficult as they are ...

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A Big Thank You

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Firstly a big thank you to everyone that phoned & emailed, to congratulate us on winning our court case.  It had been a long two years and we are very grateful for all the support you have given us.

We celebrated in style on Tuesday evening thanks to Joe & Sarah who appeared at our door with a large bottle of champagne in hand.  Needless to say the bottle didn’t stay full for very long :0))

Yesterday we received the actual report ...

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Oh Happy Days

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Firstly I need to show you a little something I picked up for my chief farm hand in Bath at the weekend.  I’m very considerate you see, I wouldn’t want my mother to get cold as she’s helping around the farm and this will keep her ears nice and warm.  So I’ve told her she’s not allowed to take it off and I will notice if one of the ears goes missing Ha! Ha!

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