One Relieved Alpaca Shepherdess

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We had a very early start today as half the alpaca herd were due their vaccinations. The plan was to get in and out quick before it got too hot!

The last thing the alpacas need is me messing around with them in the middle of a hot summers day.

I wonder if they appreciated my thoughtfulness?

I seriously doubted it, all they see is me coming at them with a needle and I don’t think they appreciate that much whatever the time of the day.

Mind saying that if the roles were reversed neither would I 🙂

Surprisingly after there early morning wake up call, they were very well behaved and were back munching on their breakfast by 7.30 am, needles I’m sure already forgotten.

Not that they deserved my consideration after I noticed the state of their water troughs yesterday.

The little devils have been putting their feet in them to cool off and they were a right mess.

So last night we had an extra job to add to the list, draining them all out and giving them a good scrub, the water trough’s that is not the alpacas 🙂

All clean, but for how long? knowing my lot not long:)

A quick up date for you on Toc’s cria. This is the little guy that was born Saturday, who  initially needed  to be tube fed and required plasma.

Firstly he now has a name Honeyfield Old Bailey, this time named in honor of a friend who is a barrister. Tim this is yours if your reading.

Secondly, but more importantly I’m happy to say he’s doing just fine. To look at him running around with the girls you’d never know he had a bit of a dodgy start.

Perfect I couldn’t ask for a better result, it makes all the time and worry you put in so worthwhile, especially when you can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

I’m one happy alpaca shepherdess 🙂

Honeyfield Old Bailey

Honeyfield Old Bailey

I also have someone else to introduce, Honeyfield Jemima, she arrived bright and breezy Sunday morning.

Honeyfield Jemima -elite alpaca

Honeyfield Jemima

Honeyfield Jemima

Honeyfield Jemima

Jemima’s mother, a maiden, Harefield Morning Mistral, was a natural and baby was up and feeding within an hour.

Her father Wellground High Commisioner is definitely evident in this little girl. In fact that’s true of both my girls, sired by him, that have so far been born.

I’m absolutely loving this head shape, these girls look like pea’s in a pod and the fleece’s on them already have to be seen to be believed.

Honeyfield Jemima & Marlie

Honeyfield Jemima & Marlie

Honeyfield Marlie - elite alpaca

Honeyfield Marlie

I’m very happy High Com I think you can stay 🙂






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