Zombie Annihilation

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The New Year has begun and at last some dry weather! Hotel Honeyfield can go back to offering bed & breakfast only instead of full board as has been the case for the last week or so.

Before opening the doors we offered a few spa treatments i.e. toe nail trimming, bonnet tidy’s and a quick drink of fasinex to eliminate any chance of fluke in this wet period.

I say offered, really it was much more of an insist as none of them looked keen at what was on offer :0)) But I asserted my authority and even Dora toed the line and behaved impeccably, now you know I’m lying :0))

Actually she was a good girl if you don’t count her singing along at the top of her voice. I think her new years resolution should definitely be to learn another song :0))

Whilst doing a general condition inspection a rummage through their fleeces was not only inevitable, but necessary as it is now the time to decide who will be offered for sale.

The decisions have been very, very difficult, as the standard of all their fleeces are exceptional, but a decision has to be made, difficult though it maybe. Our for sale page will be updated in the next few days so keep watching.

That’s it for today as I have to take my son to the train station. He’s of to London to go shooting Zombies with his friend. Don’t ask!

My understanding is that its something like paint-balling but with actors dressed as zombies, at least that’s all I hope it is and not annihilating the left overs from the New Years celebrations :0))




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