Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Smartest?

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three alpacas

Mmmm what do you reckon, shall we chase em?

two chickens

Don’t look round Big Bird, I think they spotted us

two chickens

Heads down love, lets get out of here

honeyfield truly scrumptious

If I just sneak round here, just a little bit

honeyfield truly scrumptious

Just a little bit more, slowly slowly catchee monkey

bantam hen

Phew, I’m safe I’m no monkey

two cria

Engaging turbo boosters

two running cria

Thunderbirds are Go!

bamton cock Ronnie

Quick smart girls, in the house, we’ll fool these Alpacas yet

a group of cria

Psst just act normal, vanishing chickens, nothing to do with us

two sleeping cria

It’s alright bro, they may be smarter, but how cute are we?





  1. Karl & Lisa  November 7, 2012

    You do make us chuckle Donna! Lily loved her pictures. Thank you


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