What a Day

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Oh what a day! It began as usual with my morning cup of coffee and a quick browse through my emails, no problems there.  A peak out of the window to check what the weather had in store for us today, no nasty snowy surprises waiting for us there, in fact although it was cold at least the sun was making its presence known for a change.

So coffee finished and ready to face the world, with the alpacas breakfast in hand, I opened the front door, only to find one of my new yard shoes missing!

Alfie you little shit! Please excuse my language 🙂 but I’m not a morning person and I wasn’t going far with only one shoe, I’m not much good at hopping.

I better explain Alfie is my Border collie who has a strange fetish for my shoes. He hasn’t done it for a while, but it had to be him, who else would want one shoe?



Could I find it? No I looked everywhere! How could I not find a bright red shoe! Dam Dog!

Stupidly, I was desperate by this time, I even resorted to asking him where is my shoe? I did ask nicely honest, Urghhh 🙂  the response, a wagging tail and a dopey face, no shoe.

Time was pushing on and the Alpaca’s I knew would be wanting out of the barn and their breakfast served post haste and so my wellie’s ban was over.  What choice did I have? It was wellie’s or hop, needless to say the wellie’s won.

So the morning farm chores were accomplished with a grumpy woman stomping around in a pair of green wellies that she’d promised herself she wasn’t going to wear again for at least six months 🙁

I was going to finish this blog with Border Collie free to good home, but he’s got a reprieve. Fortunately for him I’ve found my shoe, he hidden it under our cabin.

Next time Alfie, get smart, pinch the wellies 🙂



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