Alpacas & Weeds

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I just about managed to beat the rain, all the alpaca latrines are now nice and short making it so much easier to poo-hoover. I also cut the creeping buttercup that had started to appear in some of the alpaca paddocks.

I hate weeds how come they grow so much faster than grass? The weather being windy and wet is no good for spraying the fields with weed killer and so I’m left with either looking at them growing taller and multiplying or chopping them to bits with my lawn mower.

You guessed it, I’m manically driving round on the mower cutting them down. Then it rains and up pops the ugly weeds again ugh! That is the only downside I can think of breeding alpacas, they don’t eat weeds.

But then neither do the horses and in their paddocks it seems as if we’ve had a sudden invasion of the dreaded dock leaf.

Once the green stuff starts growing it really starts growing and the battle begins trying to keep everything neat and tidy. All the ditches and borders around the badger fencing need strimming already.

I think when Charlie finishes his degree, which is only a few weeks away, I’m going to see if he can invent me a robotic lawnmower that continually runs around my borders keeping them in trim.

It’s not an impossible dream there are already robotic hoovers and floor washers out there and now it’s time for charlie my little mad professor to invent me a robotic border trimmer.

Don’t worry if he’s not willing I have the perfect carrot on a stick incentive, I’ll hand him the strimmer and tell him to get to work. That’ll get him moving he hates strimming and either way I’ll get my borders done 🙂

I’m so mean! but I’m betting it won’t be long after his final exam that Charlie will find himself a full time job He! He! Hee!



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