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The trouble with knitting is that it leaves your mind free to wander and wander mine has been doing, even more so than usual. This normally means trouble for some one and that poor some one is almost inevitably Neil:0))

The direction these thoughts are taking are of improvements that we can make to the farm, to make bad weather conditions here better. I don’t think this will be the last bad summer and winter we will see and so I think that the time has now arisen to think about putting in some land drains.

These are quite simple to do, but require some heavy plant machinery so we will have to wait untill the land dries out before we can start.

The benefit of the bad weather has been that we can see exactly where these drains need to be placed. Our land we thought was very flat and it was not until this year when we got large lakes of water forming in some of the paddocks did we actually realize how undulating the terrain really is.

Other problems that the constant rain has highlighted are that a couple of field shelters need to be moved, as although they don’t face into the prevailing wind and rain, we got something right :0)) They have been placed in a dip and fill with water if it gets as bad as it has this year.

Also the part of the race which is the main thoroughfare to the barn definitely needs repairing. The jury is still out on this problem as there are many solutions and we need to work out which one will be most effective.

It would be easy to just concrete this area but my worry is, that this is where our matings our done. I worry that mating on concrete can be very slippery especially when starting young males and also not very comfortable for the poor females.

At the moment we are looking at maybe some form of plastic honeycomb grass re-inforcement mats, but are open to suggestions if any of you have any better ideas.

All these extra jobs added to an already scarily long list means Neil is going to be a very busy boy this year, but hey he got two weeks off at Christmas :0))

I’m a slave driver I know but as I explained to Neil when all the jobs are done it will make the farm easier to work.

I’m just hoping he’s daft enough to believe me and won’t realize I’ll probably have thought of a dozen more jobs before he’s even half way through this lot. I knew I married a general builder for a reason :0))



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