Wacky Racers

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Today has been a day of preparation.  As we are approaching the New Year, decisions need to be made concerning the farm. That sounds very dramatic doesn’t it?

What I really mean is, in what order of importance I list the jobs, I have to give my poor over worked husband.  Don’t tell him that I that I have shown any sympathy for his job list else he will take advantage and I’ll never get them done :0))

The stud paddocks need revamping and I want another large paddock tornado badger fenced so that I can use it for the alpacas, the barn interior finished and white washed, the list goes on and on and that’s not including all the general maintenance jobs that have to be done every year.

Poor old Neil is going to be a very busy boy, best I not tell him the full extent of the list just yet, wouldn’t want to scare him too much.  I think I’ll just sneak them in, in dribs and drabs and hope he doesn’t notice.  Don’t worry I’m an expert at that as are most women I’m sure :0))

I’ll wait until after his Christmas dinner I think, when he’s nice and mellow, and then I can drop a job or two in.  He’s sure to have a couple of weeks of for Christmas, so he can get an early start on next year’s list cant he?  I know I’m very wicked :0))

Speaking of Christmas all the shopping is done and wrapped Yippee!  I am so glad that is done; I had to pop to the shops with my daughter today and on nearly every roundabout there was a car crash.  What’s going on? It’s absolutely manic out there.  The roads are like an episode from wacky racers.

Message to family, if you want something from the shops you best start walking because I’m not budging until after Christmas and everyone on the roads has remembered how to drive!



  1. Sister  December 18, 2012

    Are you sure the car crashes wasn’t following in your wake as I no what your driving like lol!!!

  2. Karl & Lisa  December 18, 2012

    Did you see those crashes in your rear view mirror by any chance??? just wondering if you had caused the mayhem behind you…..you know what you women drivers are like!!!! :))

  3. Donna  December 18, 2012

    What’s a rear view mirror? :0))


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