Two Hoots

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The first swallow has arrived, are they late this year, or does it just feel that way? They didn’t look to impressed to find the horses still using their stables and on that point I’d have to agree. I can’t remember ever stabling the horses this far into April, hopefully that situation can be rectified in the next few days.

Charlie has finally woken up and been in communication with the other students on his degree and it seems he wasn’t the only person to be racing to achieve the two o’clock dead line, just the last 🙂

The good news is they all made it, but I did laugh, they had all planned a big night out to celebrate and none of them made it, they were all still asleep. The youth of today, what are they like? 🙂

Wilst Charlie was still snoring, we had a race against time of our own. Heavy rain was due and we still has some vacant paddocks to grasstrac and add a maintenance seed mix too.

We timed it perfectly, just as we finished the rain began and the perfect kind of rain at that, soft rain fall and not a deluge, that will water the seed and dissolve the grasstrac into the soil.

The spring grass is already starting to appear, every day it gets that little bit greener. I so miss seeing that lush green colour, but probably not as much as the alpacas do!

Some people like the blueness of the sea and dream of living by the coast, for me it’s green and it’s the kind of green that I’ve only ever seen in the UK.

Mind on that note before I upset anybody, I must add I haven’t traveled all around the world and I’m sure there are other countries that are as green as us and also spend their lives in welly’s:)

A quick update on the alpacas and their imminent birthing dates. The first two females come into their birthing dates, 335 days, this week. Ruby on the 21st and Dora two days later on the 23rd, Blue follows closely behind on the 3rd of May.

My computer programme say’s, going on their average delivery days, that Dora will give birth first on the 30th April, Ruby 24th May and Blue 10th June.

I wonder how close the computer will predict the actual dates?

I’ve been watching closely for the last few weeks, as the alpacas have no understanding of my computer programme, nor can they read books and so will not give two hoots about when they should deliver and will do it in their own sweet time. Which will inevitably be when they think I’ve given up watching them.

I’m up on that game and have become a master at faking disinterest. I’ve only ever missed one birth and that was one to many in my book, even if it was only by a couple of minutes.








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