Twinny’s You’re Not Alpacas!

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I expect you’ve all heard of the film “Babe”, which in case you haven’t, was about a piglet that wanted to be a sheep dog.  Well I can top that, I have “Naughty Twinny”, who is a chicken that wants’ to be an Alpaca.

I say I have one, it’s probably two, as the chickens I’m talking about are identical, hence they are known as the naughty twinny’s, I think they are taking it in turns at being an Alpaca.

The chickens, and I have three separate groups, are known as Billy’s troop, Stanley’s lot and Ronnies crew. Who all live in their respective coops, safely within the tornado badger fenced enclosures with the Alpacas.

The naughty twinny’s, from Billy’s troop, have decided they no longer belong in the chicken coop with the others of their kind, but have moved to the Alpaca barn.

The twins are so small they manage to squeeze through the tiny gap that’s left as the sliding barn door covers the paddock entrance to the barn.

I have spent weeks turfing the little monsters out and as soon as I turn my back one of them is always straight back in there.

I know when one’s missing from the field as Billy is stood at the barn door screaming at the top of his voice, trying to entice her out.  Poor Billy, if I don’t go and find her, by the end of the day he has such a sore throat he sounds more like a frog than a cockerel.

The twinny’s are getting real crafty now though and have taken to hiding so that I can’t find them.  But I may be out smarted by Dora, but I’m not letting those naughty pair of chickens out fox me.

I might not be able to see them in amongst the hay and straw, but if I call out, ”naughty twinny” , the stupid birds can’t seem to help but reply, they twerp and give’s there hiding place away. If they didn’t I’d never find them because they choose a different place every time.

I bet you think I’m mad not being able to find a chicken in the barn and you are probably right and in most circumstances I’d agree with you.

That’s why armed with my camera this morning I took these shots just to prove how crafty the little devils are becoming.


One of the numerous hay-racks in the Alpaca barn

Get a little closer

Get a little closer

Closer still, have you spotted her yet?

Closer still, have you spotted her yet?

oh! you'll pop your head up for a camera.

oh! you’ll pop your head up for a camera.

Can you see my problem now? :0))

Stupidly the eggs I’ve just placed under my broody hen in Ronnie’s crew were laid by the naughty twinny’s.  If they hatch I really hope they don’t have their mothers Alpaca aspirations :0))





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