Truly Grateful

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Who needs a zoomba work out when they have a barn to muck out and a radio tuned to classic gold, what a combination! Why I never thought of it before beats me.

I have just had a fantastic morning and I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.  I know I’m mad but it’s such fun being able to dance around singing at the top of your voice in a barn where no one can see or hear the din you’re making.  Classic gold is a must; I know all the words to all the songs, shame about the adverts, I think I’ll have to dust the cobwebs of my iPod in readiness for tomorrow’s session.

I think the mucking out took a little longer than usual but who cares when you can boogie around the dung heaps in time to some real classics.  Please don’t try and picture it, I’m absolutely positive it wasn’t a pleasant sight and I wouldn’t want to give anyone nightmares.

The barn was really rocking and for the first time ever, I was upset to finish mucking out. Opening the barn door after my vigorous workout the rain had gone and the sun was shining; boy it makes you glad to be alive.

Why is it that it takes the silliest of days, to make you realize how truly, truly lucky you really are.  Looking out over the farm and all the animals happily grazing, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect place to live and work.  It amazes me after all those years of craving that elusive job, the mythical job that would see me wake up every morning looking forward to going to work instead of dreading what the day would bring, clock watching, desperate for home time and freedom. That I only realised fully today I’ve found it, there isn’t anywhere in the world I’d rather be and for that I’m truly grateful.




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