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Today was the day the vet was booked for a visit with three of our young male alpacas, Taffy, Woody and Hamilton.

These boys as I have already explained before, are of stud quality but here at Honeyfield we want to be known for only releasing stud males that are very special and all though it breaks my heart to castrate three such beautiful boys, with pedigree’s to die for, I’m adamant that only the very best should go on to become stud stock.

Castration is only minor surgery and was preformed under a local anesthetic. The boys wern’t much bothered by it at all, they were very well behaved and stood still nicely while Rob the vet preformed the procedure.

It was quite funny, all the other boys were silently watching from their pen. I’ve never known the boys be so quiet, especially when there’s someone strange in their barn. Perhaps they realised something important was happening and didn’t want to draw attention to themselves in case they ended up having a turn :0))

Rob after admiring the three boys fleeces questioned why I was having them castrated and so when he was finished and Taffy, Woody and Hamilton were saftely back in their pen, I showed him Marcus.

I made sure first, that Rob had put away all his equipment just in case he was feeling keen, I definitely didn’t want any accidents with Marcus’s tackle :0))

Marcus must have been feeling nervous about it too as he was just a tad vocal, but settled when he realized it was only his fleece we were interested in.

Fleece lesson for the vet over, a very relieved Marcus was soon reunited, intact with his buddies.

I have to say I’m really lucky to have a vet who is not only very good at his job, but is also very interested in every thing alpaca.

Castrations over these boys will become special in another way, as wethers I can cuddle them and pay them lots of attention, which these three quite enjoy. All the grumpy bits removed, placed in a bag and taken away, sorted!





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