Three Wheels on our Wagon

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We are very lucky in our area to have one of the best haylage producers around and yesterday afternoon we paid them a visit.

Its been a while since we’ve seen Oliver and so we had a good catch up on all his news and then got down to the serious business of discussing haylage and what would be the best to feed to our alpacas.

You would think haylage was haylage but we found out yesterday that was not so and we had seven different sorts to choose from. We finally picked, after a long discussion on the merits of each, a very soft but quite dry haylage to try.

That decided Oliver loaded two large bales onto Neils trailer and we were off. We had a little way to go as the first two bales weren’t for us but for friends who also want to try haylage for their alpacas.

After forty five minutes or so we arrived at our destination, unloaded the bales and distributed a sample to the eagerly awaiting alpacas.

We picked right they tucked in straight away and looked to be thoroughly enjoying it, which is great.

At about this point all I could hear was Neil killing himself laughing, and we all turned around to look at what he was finding so funny.

You’ve probably guessed already as my title gives just a little clue, we’d lost a wheel on the trailer.

Where we lost it and when it came of we have no idea we never noticed a thing, how scary is that.

Luckily we have another trailer that still has four wheels, so picking up more haylage for my girls wasn’t a problem. :0))

Good job too as the snow has started to come down heavy again.

I’ve just been sent this link with instructions to play it loud and I thought I’d share.  Keep Smiling :0))





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