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As you all can probably gather, if you’ve been following the blog of late, we’ve had an amazing birthing season this year, eight girls in a row and we’ve not quite finished yet. We have a small break of a couple of weeks and then the last three pregnant females will be due to deliver. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they too will have girls. A clean sweep of girls, wouldn’t that be amazing.
Because of our good fortune we are now able to release some of our amazing genetics. It’s always a difficult decision as there are just so many factors to consider.
Here are just a few and number 1 is by far the hardest to get past 🙂
1) I want to keep them all, everyday I change my mind over who’s my favorite.
2) I have to consider the core herd, it needs to be kept as genetically diverse as possible, whilst still allowing me to move forward with our breeding plan.
3) Keeping a small fleece show team.
Another important consideration for us is that the group we offer up for sale works as a diverse core herd in their own right if required.
Sometimes, ok most times 🙂 the list changes and changes and do I always make the right decisions, probably not. But one thing is a given, we never ever worry about the quality of the alpacas we sell, We take pride in knowing that they are some of the best quality alpacas money can buy.
This year we are offering for the first time a couple of our yearling females, Cassandra & Marlie. They are just coming of age and are due to be mated this summer.
The two for sale will be very hard to let go as their fleeces were due to be part of our fleece showing team this year.
Of course this is a bonus for whoever buys them, as their fleeces have already been prepared, show skirted, bagged and are ready for entry. These of course will be included in the sale as it would be criminal not to enter them in the up & coming fleece shows.
Also we have decided to release two very special females from our core herd. Scarlette a 1st generation Spartacus girl & Blue Moon a 1st generation Commish Lad daughter and maybe, just maybe a very special stud male, but to find out more you will have to visit our for sales page on


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