This Year’s Alpaca Crop

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I’ve spent the morning oohing and ahhing over the photo’s I took off all the cria that were born here this summer.

Honeyfield Ashlea

Honeyfield Ashlea

Honeyfield Cassandra

Honeyfield Cassandra

Honeyfield The Vigilant

Honeyfield The Vigilant

Are just a few..

Actually I lie! to earn my hour or so, in front of the log burner with my lap top full of images, first I had to muck out the barn, winter’s chore’s don’t you just love it? πŸ™‚

Those cute little alpaca’sΒ  in my photo’s soon learn how to party in the barn every night, making a lovely mess for me to sort out. Some of them, after seeing the mess they left for me today, obviously need more pooping in the right place lessons.

I think come weaning they will be spending time with Dora, the herd matriarch, who will soon whip them into order πŸ™‚

She takes the teaching of the youngsters very seriously and is better know at this time of year as ” Scary Mary, aka she who must be obeyed” πŸ™‚

This year’s crop of youngsters, albeit a little naughty πŸ˜‰ are real beauties. I’m finding it hard to pick the star of the crop this year as their fleeces are all looking so amazing. This time as they are all so evenly matched, it may have to wait until shearing day to see their wonders truly revealed.

I think however I’ll will have to do some serious groveling to my favorite person, the skirting fairy (grovel, grovel) If I want her help again post shearing, as my beautiful summer cria are now looking very much like winter’s grubby little urchins all covered in bits of straw, from all that partying in the barn πŸ™

From this to....

From this to….

Honeyfield Marlie - elite alpaca

This…Bad Marlie!!!!








  1. Helen  November 27, 2013

    The skirting fairy may need a little persuading if the little fluffies are covered in their bedding…


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