The Waiting Game

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The alpaca birthing period is upon us, Ruby has entered her delivery dates, the watching and waiting game begins ๐Ÿ™‚

Our birthing season on paper stretches right through until mid September, but that means nothing as Alpacas, as I’ve mentioned before can’t read and will have their young only when they are good and ready.

Luckily, well I hope it was luckily and the better weather holds, we have been fortunate that our cria are a bit later arriving this year.

I’d like to take the credit and say it was planned that way, but that would be a fib.

I am certainly no weather expert nor do I have a crystal ball and to be fair I can’t even remember why the matings were late starting last year.

But late starting we were, as we would normally aim for the first cria to arrive in early March.

I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been not to have have March cria this year, the poor little mites would have been popping out in snow.

Now Spring has finally arrived a touch of spring cleaning was the order of the weekend. How do the water troughs get so grubby so quick? They were yucky! and it was only a short time ago they were last done.

Those naughty alpacas have been sticking their feet in them again I suspect. They quite often do this when the weather gets warm as a means of trying to cool off a bit.

It’s a blooming good job the troughs are all raised of the ground as knowing my lot they would all be trying to sit in them:)

Mind saying that it would make an amusing subject for a photo. I can just picture Dora sat in a water trough as if it were her throne, surrounded by the other girls waiting a turn.

Good job they can’t sit in them, that could cause out and out war here, plus an awful lot of dehydrated alpacas, because there’s no way Dora would get out for any of them ๐Ÿ™‚


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