The Vet is Booked

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The day draws ever nearer for Taffy,Woody and Hamilton, they are due to be castrated in a couple of weeks, It’s all booked, poor boys. It is all done very quickly and with a shot of local anaesthetic in their nether regions, they don’t feel a thing. These boys then will have a good life without ever having to worry about the females of their species.

This trio are smashing boys, lovely fleeces and great temperaments, the only reason they aren’t going on to become stud males, is that I’m only keeping a chosen few entire, only the exceptional will go on to become stud males, out of 2011’s crop only two, in my opinion have made the grade, Angelo and Marcus. These two boys have truly beautiful fleeces, both sired by EP Cambridge Samson, and will have great future’s as stud males, they are due to start work this summer.

It feels quite harsh castrating males that are of stud quality, but you can never stand still in any buisness there will always be room for improvement and having set our goals on producing only the very best, thoes that are not of jaw dropping standard will not make the grade.

Sorry Taffy, Woody and Hamilton as good as the three of you are Angelo and Marcus are the stars in your paddock. Now all I’m scared of is when the vet comes I get distracted and he castrates the wrong ones :0))

Don’t laugh, Neil will be here helping on the day and any of you that know Neil will know that’s a real worry he still dosen’t know one Alpaca from the other :0)) Think I need to be smart and hide Marcus and Angelo away otherwise it could be a very unhappy blog I’ll be writing in a few weeks.

Sorry I have to apologise Neil just pointed out he knows one, Dora. That’s not hard Neil she’s the only brown in a white herd :0))


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