The Score, Herd 1 Donna 0

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The rain is it ever going to stop; I really think we’ve had enough now.  This morning it had settled into a steady rhythm of drizzle and so I thought I’d get the girls out quick for a bit of an airing.  They could have a quick munch on the grass and I could have a blitz in the barn and get it all fresh and tidy for the inevitable downpour later.

The girls and I wandered down the race and they waited patiently as I opened their paddock gate.  I turned around and stood to the side to allow them to pass only to see Dora high tailing it back to the barn with the rest of the girls in hot pursuit. I eventually got back to the barn myself to find all the girls back in their pen stuffing themselves full of the remains of last night’s hay, a look of pure innocence on their faces,

I opened Imp’s door and the girls must have had a word with him because he wasn’t budging either, not one pampered little toe would he put over the threshold. High Com wandered out and wandered straight back in again, he wasn’t going anywhere without his girls and they weren’t coming out to play.

My window of opportunity was quickly drawing to a close, the heavy black rain clouds were fast approaching, decisions, decisions.

I kid myself, the herd had spoken, they were staying put. if I wanted to clean the barn, I’d not only have to do it around them, but also room service at Honeyfield Alpaca Barn Hotel was required as they all wanted fresh water, breakfast and a hay top up please and a P.s don’t forget to come back later and do it all over again so we are comfy and well fed before bed time.

That blasted rain better not come back tomorrow!


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