The Power of Positive Thoughts

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Well it’s been a fairly good week weather wise and the paddocks were just starting to dry out nicely. The alpacas were enjoying their days back out on the grass, glad to see the back of the barn, I should imagine.

Then the weekend starts and we have had snow, some heavy rain and have been left with constant drizzle. How much more of this weather can the paddocks  take, I don’t know, but I can guess at not much more.

I dread to think what other parts of the country look like as I know we’ve not had it any where near as bad as others.

The constant rain is not the only problem I think the UK as a whole suffers from S.A.D.S, everyone is looking miserable and tired, we so need some sunshine.

I’m quite jealous my brother is of abroad on holiday Sunday, he’s had enough and is of to find a sunnier climate for a week. I’ve already enquired there’s not enough room in his suitcase for me and the alpaca’s :0))

Even the horses are looking morose, they were really happy to be turned out this morning but after 10 minutes they wanted to come back in. Their paddocks are really churned up, much more and we won’t be able to put them out at all and they’ll have to stay on the yard.

Luckily we have a hard standing in front of their stables so at least they will be able to wander around a little, it’s not ideal but better than the alternative, being stuck in a stable 24/7.

Talking of horses I watched Martin Clunes on the TV the other night, a program about heavy horses, anyway at one point he was grooming a posh horse in America with a hoover. I think my Dyson and me have a hot date with the horses when they start moulting :0))

I think at this point I’m going to re-post the picture of the dafodill’s I took the other day, to encourage a bit of positive thinking, maybe this will help push the jet stream into a more favorable position.


Who am I trying to kid but hey it’s a nice picture:0))


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