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Was it only a couple of days ago when I mentioned how like an early spring day it was. Totally wishful thinking on my part, but a girl’s got to have her dreams.

Dreams once were about winning the lottery, exotic holidays abroad and don’t forget a nice British racing green Astin Martin. I know I don’t want a lot! and yes it has to be British racing green, I’m female and allowed to be fussy :0))

Now my day dreams all consist of spring, sunshine and the first Daffodil’s and of course new born cria. Definitely no Astin Martins, I can’t image they do well in the mud:0)) I was going to say how sad am I, but surely thinking of cria leaves me exempt from that statement?

How the weather changes so quickly here in the UK, I’ve just checked the forecast, which lately seems to be a too regular occurrence, as the forecast seems to change by the hour and guess what? this weekend we have snow coming.

I know you bright sparks out there, it is still only January, what do I expect, but I seem to remember that the whole of last summer felt like winter to. Bet we have a heat wave this summer and we will all moan about that. Message to self encase of heat wave read old blogs :0))

It’s nearly time for me to end this blog today as I have to go and find some more hiding places for all my logs. Neil is talking about buying another log burner, one for his shed as he is getting a bit cold whilst he’s out there in the evenings, rebuilding one of his classic motorbikes.

I’ve tried telling him to wear an extra jumper and I even bought him some thermals for christmas so what’s his problem? :0))

His problem is going to be there won’t be any logs for his burner as I’m hiding them all. I’ve turned into a proper little log monster, who intends to use every dastardly trick in the book to keep warm :0))

Forgot, I’m useless with the log splitter, so if Neil continues chopping I’ll let him have the little ones. Compromise secret to a happy home :0))





  1. Rob @ Wellground  January 10, 2013

    I have a better idea, why don’y you let Neil rebuild the bike in front of the log burner in the living room. Look, it’s win/win here, you get to see him more and you get to have a piece of Japanese fine art in front of the telly. Simples……

    Rob, the petrol head

  2. Donna  January 10, 2013

    Fine Art! you’re having a laugh, pile of junk more like :0))

    • Rob @ Wellground  January 10, 2013

      Yamaha do a range of classic pianos, wonderful instruments and the magnificent RD350LC, take your pick, you are very choosy missus.


      • Donna  January 10, 2013

        Would rather have piano least it would burn well :0))


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