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What would we do without the internet; I have spent an afternoon in my comfy armchair Christmas shopping.  No searching for a parking space, no crowds of people, no heavy shopping bags, just a hot log burner, a nice cup of tea and my lap top.  Two hours and I’m almost finished, I still can’t quite believe it was that easy, google your a star, my feet thank you, but my debit card might not :0))

Now all I have to do is sweet talk my daughter in to wrapping them up for me, that’s another job I detest.   I start off with good intentions and soon get fed up, google might be good, but not good enough to find me enough square easy to wrap gifts or better yet presents that come gift-wrapped.

You see I wasn’t lying about being the Grinch.  I’m still working on my excuse for not putting up a Christmas tree this year.  I failed miserably last year and spent weeks picking the blasted thing up every time the dogs knocked it over and I expect I’ll be doing the exact same thing this year :0))

After being such a good girl doing all my Christmas shopping, I felt I deserved a treat.  Today being quite a special day as my baby sister Joanna, turned 40, gave me an opportunity to hunt out all the old photo albums and have a giggle.


So Sweet

Joanna as a teenager

As a Teenager

Joanna & Scarlette

With her daughter Scarlette

Looking back over the decades, Joanna you’ve hardly changed at all.  Happy Birthday little Sister :0))



  1. Sister  December 6, 2012

    Thanks very much sis, don’t worry I will return the favour one day!!!

    • Donna  December 6, 2012

      He He He!
      P.S, that was my dress your wearing in the middle picture, sneaky mare :0))


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