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An early blog today I think as the weather forecast promises eight degrees and no wind this afternoon and I have every intention of being outside and ready just in case, I don’t want to risk missing summer 🙂

Plus it also means that while I’m busy with coffee in hand tapping away on my lap top composing my early blog, Neil gets to do the mucking out.

I don’t have a smiley button big enough for the end of the previous sentence, so you will just have to imagine how big my smile is, pretty huge I can assure you.

There is another reason why I need to be indoors this morning and that is down to a gift I received earlier in the week, from a close friend.

My son, who incidentally, spent several hours ranting on about how useless this gift was, what do you want one of those for? and how none of them worked properly etc… promptly decided he would be the first to have a go.

Did he read the instructions first No! and so the first attempt was a complete disaster, which according to him was to be expected as it confirmed all the reviews.

After explaining that if he’d have spent as long on the instructions as he did trawling the internet for bad reviews perhaps the new gadget might have stood a fighting chance.

The second attempt after reading the instructions turned out perfect and my son had to eat his words.

You would think that that’s a good thing and normally I would agree, a gadget that does exactly what it say’s on the tin, what more could you want.

What it omitted was a warning, keep it away from your son. My son has commandeered the a fore mentioned machine and anything that is produced within it.

Hence my staying indoors this morning, I’m on gadget guard duty, I’m ready and waiting to run, as soon as I hear the beep, beep the contents of the gadget are mine.

A hot crusty loaf, straight from our new bread maker, that’s what we are all fighting over and today is the day I’m getting there first. There’s no way my greedy little son is going to beat me to it again 🙂

Hot crusty loaf covered in butter and jam, I’m dribbling with anticipation 🙂

I’m off it just beeped!


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