The Fluffy Monsters

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Another great day for me, but not so for the cria, today was ear tagging and micro chipping day.   I have to say it’s not my favourite job, but it’s one of those that have to be done.  It all went well and the little one’s hardly made a fuss at all.  Now that there all sporting their numbered orange ear tags, it will be so much easier to tell them apart.

It was starting to become difficult as they are just little fluffy monsters at the moment.  When stood together quietly, it is easy to tell them apart as their faces are very different and individual.  Quietly being the operative word, normally they are bouncing around all over the place, hence little monsters :0))

Today we also had a visit from a dear friend who will not be named as the idea we discussed is top secret.  Hopefully we will be able to reveal this secret sometime next year, but if it is successful it will be a very big help in the health management of an alpaca herd.

It’s quite exciting and will definitely be a very useful bit of kit, if it works.  I’ll give you a clue, it involves a blueberry or maybe I’ve got that wrong and it’s a raspberry.  It’s something like that, not really helpful, I know, but I did say it was a secret :0))

I’m off now to put my feet up and have a nice relaxing evening; this has been a very long and eventful week and it’s not over, tomorrow I have to brave the crowds to do the last of my Christmas shopping.  So I’m resting my feet in readiness :0))

I’m actually sat here with a big smile on my face, as while I’m out shopping Neil has offered to muck out the barn, the stables, and poo-hoover the paddocks, how cool is that!  Second thoughts, what’s he after?



  1. Rob @ Wellground  December 15, 2012

    I have guessed it, Blueberry’s, Raspberry’s, it’s a smoke screen.

    You are giving the alpacas Blackberry’s each, they are going to phone you when they need vaccinating…….

    Go on, tell me I am right ?????


    • Donna  December 15, 2012

      He! He! He! Would love to tell you, you’re right, but then I’d have to kill you, and Les say’s not too as you still have earning potential. Try again, the button’s on blackberry much to small for their toes to operate


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