The Dates!

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It was only a few days ago that I was talking about Easter Eggs and showing off at how prepared I was for a change.  Well I wasn’t prepared at all!

I’d forgotten to check the dates on the eggs 🙁

Your probably thinking now I’m a cheap skate and bought my Nieces and nephews some cheap dodgy eggs or that I’m a bit OCD and am worried the supermarkets don’t check the them,  mind after the recent horse meat fiasco who could blame me.

No I’ve forgotten to check the dates on the most important Easter Eggs of all.  Beaker and Frothy Coffee two of my broody hens were sharing a nest full of eggs, which I thought weren’t due to hatch until later in the week.

On checking to make sure the girls hadn’t added to their pile of eggs, which I thankfully do every day, because as soon as one of the other hens lays their daily egg you can guarantee Frothy or Beaker pinch it and there is only so many eggs these small bantams can sit on at one time, I found a chick had hatched.

Of all the days to be born it had to pick one of the coldest, so Operation move the broody hens to some where warmer than the chicken coop was put immediately into action.

It looks like the naughty twinny’s off spring have managed what they couldn’t as their eggs are now hatching  in a spare stud pen in the Alpaca barn. 🙂

First Chick of 2013

The new arrival

Beaker and Frothy are enjoying the five star luxury of the alpaca barn and on last checking are sat contented directly under the heat lamp oblivious to Ronnie their cockerel who is screaming in the field for me to bring them back.

Looks like I’m going to have another Cockerel with a sore throat by the end of the day, not to worry he can have his girls back soon, once all the eggs have hatched I’m sure Beaker and Frothy will want to come back out, or will they?


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