The Beast

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Today has been an exciting day.  After all the chores on the farm were done this morning, myself, Neil and our son Charlie bundled into Charlie’s little Toyota Aygo and we were off.  We had been invited to a track day at Castle Combe race track.

We arrived to find Rob from Wellground changing his wet weather tyres for dry weather tyres, forgive me if I got that wrong but I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about and the sun was out so I’m making a non-educated guess here.

This is where it gets a bit confusing, I only went along to have a day out, watch the boys play, and take some nice photos.  What I definitely wasn’t going for was to have a ride around a race track with a speed freak at 140 miles an hour. So how come within twenty minutes of getting there am I strapped in Rob’s Evo with a crash helmet on my head?

passenger in Robs evo

I’d like to say that I was only testing the seat out for size and they strapped me in quick so that I couldn’t escape, but I would be lying. I’d signed the tracks disclaimer form to say that if I died they hoped I’d had a nice day first and was fitted with my lovely green arm bracelet allowing me entry on to the track.

track day bracelet

The track.  I never screamed not once, I might have squeaked a little but only a little and I kept my eyes open all the way round.  I cottoned on pretty quick that ramming my feet into the floor wasn’t going to activate the brakes, I was trying to help as it was obvious that Rob had forgotten where they were and had his foot firmly on the accelerator by mistake.

racing the evo

That was just the warm up lap to heat up the tyres, when the exhaust started spouting flames we were really motoring and I just concentrated on silently screaming at the other cars get out of the way, I need to live, I have alpacas to feed.

That car is a beast and its driver is a totally mad, speed freak. I know why the bracelets are green it’s to colour match the passengers face after 6 circuits, but I’m so glad I took the opportunity to have a go honest :0)) Thanks Rob.

Charlie and Neil loved it and now Charlie is inspired he thinks he’s going to turn his little Aygo into this so he can go racing too.

Dream on Charlie!



  1. Rob  November 17, 2012

    You are very welcome, but you did scream , I heard it. Tell Charlie to get that Aygo kitted out and on the racetrack. Thank you all for a great day, with a bit of an unfortunate twist at the end. What TURBO Gulp !!!!


  2. Karl & Lisa  November 17, 2012

    Glad to hear you made it without lining the inside of the window screen with something nasty, especially with a full face helmet on!

    Your technical talk about what Rob was doing with his rubber made us chuckle.

    Charlie, what are you thinking! Don’t do it.

    • Donna  November 17, 2012

      needed to watch him with his rubber, didn’t want anything falling off


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