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The weather has turned for the worse and so it’s in the barn at night for the herd.  They all love coming into the barn especially Dora.  As soon as she’s had her evening feed she’s at the gate asking to come in.  When I open the paddock gate I have to move pretty sharpish to avoid the stampede, as they’re all racing to get to the hay racks first. Dora inevitably wins, she can half move for an old girl.

alpacas in the barn

It’s a really nice feeling when they’re are all tucked up in the barn, you know they are all safe and you can then relax in front of the log burner without worrying what the evenings weather will bring.  The only downside is the mucking out the following morning, but even that has its plus side, there’s a lot less poo hovering to do in the fields. :0))

Jason the electrician has paid a visit today to wire me in some extra lighting as we only had lights in the roof of the barn.  These were great for the upstairs, but the light didn’t filter through too well under the mezzanine floor.  Now with daylight bulbs fitted mucking out will be a doddle and I‘ll have no excuses for missing a bit.

electrician installing lights in the barn

My only problem now is getting them out of the barn in the mornings.  It’s not so much of a problem with the girls they’re ok and seem quite happy to saunter back to their paddocks, saunter being the operative word, its a wonder I get any work done here at all.

Wellground Imposition stud male

It’s Imposition, one of my studs, he just doesn’t want to come out, he likes his stud pen and he likes to investigate everyone else’s pen once they’ve left, even when the chickens see the barn door open and come charging in, flapping their wings and making a right din, makes no difference to Imposition. I have to go searching round the barn to find him, this morning he was hiding in High Commissioners pen.  The look on his face when I asked him what he was up to was priceless, why do you never have a camera on you when you need one?  I did check he didn’t leave High Com any nasty little packages, but he hadn’t, good boy Impy.



  1. John Hartley  November 9, 2012

    I am really envious of your barn – but then I only have the three Alpacas (one of which, of course, is yours – Koraion) and they have to rough it in the paddock or come into their small little shed at night.
    You will now doubt be pleased to learn that they have all now stopped walking with a decidedly John Wayne gait after being castrated last week (now it’s my turn says Sandra….)
    Keep up with the excellent work – you have really made being an Alpaca owner so much fun.


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