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This week has been full of surprises, earlier this week I received a lovely basket of flowers from Rob & Les at Wellground.  They are really lovely, thank you.  I’m going to try my hardest not to kill them, that’s the flowers not Rob & Les :O))  I either over water or don’t water them enough, but so far so good they are still alive.  I think I will take Les’s hot tip and plant the tree out on the farm, well away from the Alpaca’s so they can’t eat it.

basket of flowers

There were also chocolates, but I have to keep quiet about them, as I ate them all before Neil came home from work.  I was only looking out for his best interest honest.   What’s the saying, a minute on the lips is an inch on the hips and my hips have already lost the plot. That’s my story anyway, they were yummy :O))

The other surprise is not for me, but for someone special and is happening this weekend, this is still top secret and so I can’t say any more, but I will fill you in on my next blog.  All I can say is that it looks to be a very enjoyable weekend :O))

I know I’m very sad but all the presents that I ordered the other day have been arriving and its very exciting opening them all.  Very sad, as I know exactly what’s in them, but hey it doesn’t take a lot to keep me happy :O)).

So far so good, no disappointments, you can never tell what you’re going to get, everything looks cracking on the internet and sometimes looks so completely different when it arrives.  There’s more to come so I’m hoping my luck holds good and the rest are equally as good.

The Alpacas are ticking along nicely, the cria have grown big and strong ready for weaning, and the entire herd have grown lovely thick fleece’s, keeping them nice and warm in this cold weather.  As a bonus the frost has frozen the ground.  No mud holes, I have shinny white alpacas again, not dirty muddy ones Yippee!, I know this won’t last long, always a pessimist, best I finish this blog for today and find my camera, shinny white alpacas to big an opportunity to miss :O))



  1. Rob n Les @ Wellground  December 7, 2012

    Hi Donna, thanks so much for the lovely bantams, they are all doing really well. Thanks to you and your family for helping create a fantastic new web site for us. And all in just two weeks.

    Take care.

    Rob n Les xx


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