Such Anticipation

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March 1st, never has a date been so anticipated, Spring please don’t let us down. We really need for it to warm up a bit now, as when the ground temperature reaches five degrees the grass will start growing.

The alpacas really need the grass to come through especially the pregnant females. Nice spring grass will give them all a boost which they so desperately need at this time of year, in preparation for birthing. The absolutely best time in the alpaca calender, I so can’t wait

The time passes so quickly, it only seems like yesterday that I was weaning last years crop. They grow so fast, I look at them all now, and they are no longer babies really, only in my heart and that will soon change when the next group of cria are born. Then I’ll have new babies to coo over and last years will turn into naughty, cheeky adolescents, that give me endless hours of pleasure just watching.

March looks like a busy month, Lent, Mothers Day, Easter and at the end of the month the clocks go forward an hour.

The clocks going forward makes a big difference here on the farm, longer daylight hours mean we have more time to get things done around the place. I say that with my fingers and toes crossed as we are also dependant on good weather. There’s so many jobs to be done it’s difficult knowing quite where to start and as I mentioned on previous blogs, I’ve had an awfully long winter in which to compile my list, Poor Neil!!!

By the way have you all recovered from the laughter I invoked on my last blog, or did you not even notice the picture of the boys sporting their new hair cuts. I’m hoping that you never even noticed which would imply that I didn’t do, too bad a job after all. I did say hoping, and realize that in reality you were all just being terribly kind and polite. The girls look much better honest!


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