Spec Savers

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You’d think, if you’ve been following my blog, that it’s my dad I’m going to talk about.  He does have an uncanny resemblance to the old sheep shearer in the spec savers advert.  The one that can’t see and badly shears his border collie by mistake along with his sheep, not so this is about the other helper, my mother.

My mother thinks Imposition is just the handsomest Alpaca there ever was, I do agree he is a very handsome chap, with a lovely solid build, great fleece and a very gentle disposition, and sires beautiful cria (how’s that for a sales patter?) but I don’t feel the need to tell him every day as does  my mother.

At least she did, up until a week or so ago, when I started to bring them into the barn for the night.  Suddenly Imp (aka handsome) was out of favour and High Commissioner (aka baby face), was getting all the attention. Luckily Imp didn’t have a problem with this; in fact it meant he could get to his hay rack quicker, without some daft old bat hanging over his door coo cooing at him.

What had Imp done to lose favour, your guess is as good as mine, I hadn’t a clue. There’s no fathoming my mother at times, she’s just mad.  This carried on for a few days, until I got told off for calling her special little lad Baby Face, “he’s not baby face, he’s handsome”, she pipes up.

Then the penny dropped, she thought High Com was Imp after I’d finished rolling on the floor with laughter, it was definitely a tena lady moment.  I explained her mistake and of course advised in a respectful daughterly kind of way, daft old bat, that she’d best get herself of to spec savers pretty smartish :0))


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