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I writing my alpaca blog today knowing you might not actually get to see it. Well at least not today and maybe not even tomorrow, but I’ll carry on writing it as I have high hope’s that eventually I will have access to my web site and get to publish it.

Can you sense there’s another one of my long winded story’s in the offing ๐Ÿ™‚

Living here on our alpaca farm out in the countryside is idyllic, but does have up until today that is – maybe!, one major flaw.

The internet speed available via the telephone line is absolutely terrible. No high speed cable lines for us country folk.

I guess if we’d always lived out here we wouldn’t have known any different, but we haven’t and therefore do.

I have slowly grown accustomed to the slower speed and tend to do all my uploading etc.. in the day time when most people are out at work and I’m not sharing the lines with so many.

For my children however it is a total nightmare, my son is a software engineer and my daughter is graphic designer/illustrator.

This means, so they tell me, that it is essential they spend most of their lives in front of their computer screens.

You can’t believe the moaning and groaning about the internet I continually have to listen to.

The final straw came when some fool introduced Neil to a motorbike forum on the net and now he too is moaning and fighting for bandwidth ๐Ÿ™‚

How’s a girl supposed to watch her soaps in the evening with all this moaning going on?

Hopefully today, if my son Charlie, finally stops fiddling with the router, our internet problem will be over.

We are situated very close to Swindon, who have luckily for us, been the first to install 4G LTE.

Which in English, for those of you who have glazed over, high speed wireless broadband.

Here in Wanborough, we fall just out side of the broadcast area and so we had to have a receiver fitted to our roof to enable us to pick up the signal.

That was fitted today, super fast internet?

Nope! Charlie is still fiddling with it.

If your reading this blog, Charlie hasn’t broken it and we are finally receiving a down load speed 45 mbps and an upload of 5mbps.

Charlie says that’s good, I haven’t got a bl***y clue but hopefully he won’t break it, it will deliver the speeds promised and best of all they will all stop arguing ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to peace and tranquility, alpacas, Ashlea enjoying the sunshine.

Honeyfield Ashlea - Honeyfield Alpacas

Honeyfield Ashlea - Honeyfield Alpacas










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