Service is Resumed

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Christmas is now over and I’m shattered and looking forward to things getting back into our usual routine. It’s been really great seeing family and friends, but all these nights out are really telling, I think I’m getting old :0))

The Alpaca Hotel at Honeyfield has been fully booked over Christmas and looks set to be the same for the new year. The non stop rain has meant the alpacas have been kept inside the barn, for most of the festive season, enjoying the non stop waitress service provided.

I’m not complaining, it could be worse at least the alpacas can’t use a bell to summon me,:0)) If Benson could use a bell I’d be in trouble as the little devil would never let me get away. I think I need to get him to read the Alpaca manual perhaps then he would realize he’s not supposed to like being cuddled :0))

Hopefully and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes here, the rain will soon go away and we’ll get some dry weather just for a change. I did ask Santa to bring me sunshine but obviously I haven’t been a good enough girl this year. Mind I did get lots of other nice things including a new waterproof jacket which has come in very useful.

The only person here that’s not complaining about the weather is Neil. He has been walking around with the biggest grin on his face and silly me, I’ve only just worked out why. All my devious planning was for nowt, he’s not going to be able to do any of my jobs this holiday, no wonder he looks so happy. That will teach me for trying to be clever :0))


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