Sentry Duty

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Well as you have already probably guessed by now the computer was wrong and we have had no alpaca births here as of yet. Blue has also come into her dates and so I am closely watching three females who are getting decidedly rounder but are showing no signs of delivering 🙁

The weather has been stunning here for the last few days and looks set to continue, the alpacas can all be found sprawled out playing dead (alpaca sun bathing) at one one time or another. With full fleeces they are starting to find it a bit to warm I think, but it won’t be much longer, shearing time is fast approaching.

You’ve probably all heard about how good alpacas are at protecting other animals i.e lambs and chickens from predators, namely Mr fox. Well here at Honeyfield this is definitely the case and our flock of bantom chickens enjoy being able to roam free inside the alpaca enclosure, safe because of their guardian angels the alpacas.

This week however the alpacas must have got wind that something was a miss and extra guard duty was required. Blue has been selected for the job and she as you can see takes her job very seriously.

Alpaca guard duty

I don’t think any chickens are going to be lost on her watch and just to make sure she counts them out of the coop one by one and waits for them to return one by one.

Our Blue must be a bit slow on the counting front as she’s made sure that there’s only enough room for one at a time to squeeze through the door so she dosen’t get confused 🙂

The chickens don’t seem bothered and seem to like their large fluffy body guard, patiently waiting there turn to be checked in and out gives them time for a chin wag.

From my point of view I can only hope that what ever called for this step up in security will soon be resolved and Mrs Blue can soon return to her proper duties, which involve  delivering me her cria 🙂



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