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I apologise in advance as today maybe a short blog on the other hand it might not be as when I start talking about my gorgeous niece I probably won’t be able to stop.

Scarlette is seven years old and has Global Development Delay, she also has Severe Epilepsy and these issues combined  have meant that she has not learnt to speak yet.

All that aside Scarlette is the happiest little girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I am just the proudest Auntie there ever was.

She really is our little ray of sunshine and even the alpacas cute as they may be can’t compete on the smile-o-meter.

The farm I know is her most favorite place of all, and she spends lots of time here especially in the summer.  We have to  restricts her time here in the winter because Scarlette is a total mud monster and you can guarantee within minutes of her getting here she would somehow end up sat in the biggest wettest mud puddle she can find and at the moment it’s just too cold.

When it’s not so cold and wet Scarlette spends lots of time with all the animals, there doesn’t seem to be any animal that she doesn’t like or is scared of, but her favorites are the horses.

Scarlette & Charlie

Scarlette & Charlie 2

The reason I’m telling you about Scarlette today is that yesterday she had an accident at school and fell and hit her mouth losing an adult front tooth.  Today the poor little mite has had to go back to hospital and undergo surgery to try and sort this out.

We’ve been very worried as you can imagine but have just heard the surgery went well and the tooth has been re-imbedded and a splint put in to keep it in place.  Further surgery will be needed in four weeks time to remove the splint.

Hopefully the tooth will survive and everything will be ok. It’s just a worry as everything is just that bit more difficult because of Scarlettes problems and that she doesn’t understand what’s happening to her.

So here I’ll end my blog so that I can finish my chores early, enabling me to go and visit my niece, I think I need a big, big cuddle Scarlette!


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