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Yesterday on Rob’s @ Wellground’s Blog, some very sad news was published, John had lost his fight with cancer.

We were lucky enough to have met John and Lillian on a couple of occasions over the last few years and know from that, how much John will be sorely missed.

My sincere condolences Lillian if you happen to be reading this blog.

Lillian quite understandably has decided to free up some of her capital invested in alpacas and has released on to the market four amazing females.

How often does a World Champion come up for sale and at such a reasonable price? Lalique is absolutely stunning and I also wouldn’t say no to her daughter Crystal.

Lets be honest here, I wouldn’t say no to any of them 🙂

Some times having a closed herd hurts especially when once in a lifetime alpacas are offered for sale, a World Champion wow! The advertising potential alone is worth the price they are asking. I’m so sorely tempted.

Time to change the subject else I know I will find myself edging towards the phone to give Wellground a call 🙂

On the home front, Charlie has decided he’s fed up with competing with me over the bread maker and has offered to buy one that produces larger loaves. If he’s paying I think It’s my turn to do a bit of research for a change, an all singing, all dancing kind of bread maker would be nice 🙂

Don’t worry I’m not that mean, just one that makes nice bread would be good.

Another bit of exciting news from Honeyfield, well it’s not exciting for me but has cheered Neil up no end, he likes to look after his pennies. The washing line is back in use, the tumble dryer can have a much needed rest 🙂

I’ll admit I’m having to use thousands of pegs to hold all the washing on the line due to the wind being so strong, but hey at least it’s a warm wind and more importantly from Neil’s point of view it’s Free!

You can so tell it’s been a long winter when using a washing line becomes news, so sorry! 🙂




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