Replacement Back End

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Neil had a day off today and spent the morning in Birmingham picking up a replacement hatch back for our eldest daughters Micra.  Some nice person had driven into the back of her car when it was parked outside a friend’s house and drove off without leaving their insurance details, obviously an honest person, not!

A replacement back end collected and after some running around for me on the way home, Neil made it home with daylight hours still to spare.

So being kind and thoughtful, thinking of ways to make his day off even more enjoyable, maybe having a nice dinner waiting for him or at least a nice cup of tea, not on your nelly, I handed him the poo-hoover and sent him on his way :0))

Even some of the girls rushed over to see who this strange person was towing the hoover, mind they didn’t stay around to long when he entered their paddock they were off.

girls at the gate


I know I’m nasty but it is funny, it’s not that often I wiggle out of that job honest! I shouldn’t laugh too much he might hear me.  Sod it I’m going to make the most of it as you can guarantee he’s not going to take time off in the week again, at least not for a while :0))

Whilst Neil was busy hoovering I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot of the verge next to our drive.


See Spring is coming the daffodils are nearly in flower.  Maybe it’s not my log burner making Daisy moult and it is Mother Nature after all.



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