Remind Me To Shut My Big Mouth

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The rain did lay off yesterday for awhile instead we had wind and boy did we get some wind.  By late afternoon we were still intact, thinking we had wind proofed the farm adequately i.e. field shelters firmly fixed down etc… I opened my big mouth to congratulate ourselves on another job well done and the roof of a chicken coop went sailing by.

Poor chickens they didn’t look impressed especially as at precisely that moment the torrential rain decided to pay another visit. I splashed through the puddles manhandled the roof back into place and hung on to it for dear life, whilst everyone else ran around looking for something to tie it back on again with.  The wind was so bad they couldn’t hear me shouting at them to come back as there was a simpler solution, no! they left me freezing in the wind and the rain for twenty minutes whilst they searched for string.

Eventually they all return looking pleased with themselves, armed with their finds. Hallelujah, I could finally tell them, why don’t we just move the coop into a field shelter, it would be sheltered from the wind and rain and the roof would stay on, sorted.

Men who’d have em, and it’s me that’s blonde :0))

In retribution for my soaking, Neil had to take me out for my supper followed by an evening at the pictures and a bucket full of popcorn.

I’m a hard woman :0))



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