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The house is so quiet, my youngest child Lauren has gone up north to visit with her boyfriend this half term. How one so small, she’s only 5ft 1″, can make so much noise I don’t know, but it has to be her because she’s the only one missing :0))

Talking of missing, I’m not missing her roaring up and down the track on her motorbike and I have a whole week in which I don’t have to worry about her out on the roads on it.

Motorbikes who’d have em, here I can definitely blame her dad. Trouble is over the year’s he’s had numerous accidents on his bikes, so it dosen’t inspire me with much confidence. Hopefully she will grow out of it and get a car, much safer.

Personally I think a lot of the attraction is that people don’t expect a small blonde female to be riding a sports bike.  She’s young and enjoys the shocked looks when she removes her helmet.


As her mother I would much rather her be driving a tank, that would get the same amount of attention and I wouldn’t have to worry about her falling off. Mind it would probably spoil her street cred having a big ladder strapped to the top and she definitely need one otherwise she’d never be able to get in :0))

I shouldn’t take the mick out of her being vertically challenged she’d kill me if she were here and I would suffer by her refusing to bake us any cakes.

Lauren makes lovely cakes, fortunately she did some baking on Friday before she went. Two lovely lemon cakes that are fast disappearing :0))

So in that respect it’s going to be a long week without her and I’m going to have cake withdrawal symptoms if I don’t ration whats left :0))




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