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In my last blog I mentioned every farm should have one, a special alpaca that really nobody else would ever want. I’m really happy to see others breeders out there agree, but I have a confession to make. I don’t just have one, I have two, but only two I promise.

Female Alpaca with Cria

Dora & Benson

The other is Dora’s son, Benson. To begin with his name was probably a big mistake, he was named after a partner at our alpaca Vets. Looking back I think this was a bad omen as Benson has ended up spending a lot of time in the vets company. Top tip:  when naming cria don’t use your vets name :0))

Poor little Benson struggled from day one and we bounced from one disaster to another. Dora decided if we wanted to baby sit her cria that was fine by her, the sun was shining and she had much better things to do and so she left Benson to us, checking in every so often to make sure we were doing a proper job. Benson meanwhile got friendlier and friendlier. When we called his name out across the paddocks,  up would pop his scruffy little head (got his hair do from his mother) and he’d come running. We realized this was not good in a male alpaca and something needed doing fairly quickly.

Cria seeking attention

Benson saying hello

As you can guess with Dora as a mother his career opportunities were very limited. His fleece which he also inherited from his father (a supreme champion) is not half bad, and so, is far too soft to follow in his mothers footsteps as a Benson Bear. Stud male, another option, might have been Benson’s aspiration but we broke it to him gently, this was definitely not on the horizon.

What we couldn’t foresee was his career was about to take off in a most unexpected way. Benson was set to become a male pin up, a center fold, not in the pages of a glossy magazine as one would expect. Benson is a modern man, very in touch with his feminine side, well if he wasn’t, he definitely is now.

Benson the pin up lives on our vet’s phone network and was put there at the conclusion of his castration. Why you say, I will explain as it was told to me by a chuckling vet “how often do you get to hold your bosses namesakes B***S in your hand and cut them off. That picture has done the rounds, even this week being shown to three other young male alpaca owners, on completion of their little surgery.

Benson’s modelling career is now on hold for the winter as he’s not looking his best, wet grass and mud patches are just too tempting and so he is earning his keep as a nanny for the weanlings. Come the summer who knows what he has up his sleeves.



  1. Price family  November 4, 2012

    Fantastic that you are now blogging! Loving your website. Well done for all the hard work, looks like its paid of.
    P.S We recommend a visit to Honeyfields to anyone. And if you ever need any building work done , Neil is a fab builder.


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