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Today for a change, I had to many titles to choose from for my blog and so I will share a few with you and you can decide for your self what the title should have been.

Dinner Date, Young Love, Love is in the Air, Manipulative Females or maybe just How Sweet? The list could go on and I’m sure you could think of much better.

To make an informed decision I will have to describe what I witness today in the paddocks. Sorry it’s only a description but sods law, my camera was back at the cabin and I didn’t even cross my mind that my phone was in my pocket and I could have used that :0((

This morning began with a very frosty start, everything was frozen solid. After cracking the ice on the drinking troughs and filling up the hayracks in the field shelters. I opened the barn doors for the Alpacas and moved them into their paddocks.

After feeding them all their breakfast I marched up the race with poo hoover in hand only to be stop short by two weanlings, Chaska and Yasmin.

Chaska is in a paddock with the other weanling boys and a few of the older boys from last year’s crop. His paddock backs onto a girls paddock where Yasmin is grazing with her friends.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing Yasmin had left her friends who were all over in their field shelters scoffing hay and had come up to the fence next to the boys. The boys too were all scoffing hay untill Chaska saw Yasmin watching them.

He then took a huge mouthful of hay and dropped it by the fence at Yasmin’s feet and she proceeded to nibble on it through the fence. Chaska repeated this process a couple more times, fetching more hay for her to nibble on and then obviously fed up with all the fetching and carrying he decided to be a big boy.

He suddenly appeared from the field shelter carrying a whole slice of hay. I was laughing so much by this time, actually I was crying and probably snorting a bit and I frightened him, the poor little love dropped his hay and ran away.

As you can imagine Yasmin wasn’t at all impressed, she gave me the look and sauntered off, back to her friends and her own hay.

I still can’t believe what I witnessed it was just so sweet and the memory leaves me smiling still. Alpaca’s are so adorable no wonder we love them so!


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