Out Foxed

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What did I say about Groundhog Day in my last blog post? I woke up this morning to the exact same view as we had last weekend. Snow Urggggh!!!!

snow scene

Last Weekend



Pretty - not in March

Pretty – not in March


The poor alpacas must feel like they’re on a endless loop of the hokey cokey, in out, in out, with a little shake it all about mixed in for good measure.

Well I also guess that means we are not going to get any chain harrowing, new fencing or race repairs done today, poor Neil he will be so disappointed, Not! πŸ™‚

Not to worry I’m sure if I think hard enough I can find something indoors for him to do, otherwise he’ll only disappear into his shed.

That’s what he calls it, his shed, although it looks like a section of the horse barn to me πŸ™‚ It’s full of men’s rubbish and every evening he tells me he has to go and tidy it up, must be the cleanest shed there ever was πŸ™‚

He thinks I’m daft I know he’s playing with his motor bikes and that he is trying to finish renovating one of them in time for a motorbike rally later this year.

Warning to all men if your trying to be sneaky, think of a believable tale first, cleaning your shed night after night just won’t wash πŸ™‚

Earlier in the year, I mentioned Neil was contemplating purchasing a small log burner for his shed, but after much discussion i.e. hands off they’re my logs πŸ™‚ When that didn’t work as I really didn’t have a leg to stand on, he gathers and chops all the logs πŸ™‚

I suggested as his shed is right next door to all the horse supplies which are very flammable, surely that’s far to dangerous honey!

He very sensibly decided against it, phew! If he makes his shed to comfortable I’ll never get my list of jobs done πŸ™‚

Well he’s out foxed me again, and has bought a calour gas heater, now I’m in big trouble he’s never gonna come out of his shed now πŸ™

But hey ho at least it will keep him off the lawn mower and my gooseberries might survive long enough to become a bush πŸ™‚



  1. Rob @ Wellground  March 23, 2013

    No snow here πŸ˜‰


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