Oh Happy Days

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Firstly I need to show you a little something I picked up for my chief farm hand in Bath at the weekend.  I’m very considerate you see, I wouldn’t want my mother to get cold as she’s helping around the farm and this will keep her ears nice and warm.  So I’ve told her she’s not allowed to take it off and I will notice if one of the ears goes missing Ha! Ha!

nanny in silly hat

The other news of the day is something we’ve been waiting eight weeks to hear.  For the last two years we have been defending a small section of land on our farm, which included a track which led to our Alpaca barn.

A neighbour has been trying to claim adverse possession, by saying that the land was part of their garden. This has been ongoing for two years and culminated in a two day Land Registry court case at the beginning of October.  Today our solicitor received the judgement from Land Registry that ruled in our favour, how great is that, our faith in the law was justified and it proves the truth does shine through.

I’m so happy I don’t know have I’ve managed to get my chores done, it’s very hard to concentrate on the job in hand when you’re jumping around singing “ Oh Happy Days” :0))

Christmas has definitely started early at Honeyfield Farm, the Grinch won’t be coming out to play this year :0))

p.s I’m still not having a Christmas tree :0))





  1. claire wood  December 11, 2012

    Donna thats fantastic news. We will be over to see you soon.

  2. Karl & Lisa  December 13, 2012

    Hey guys thats brilliant news congratulations. Finally you can put that to rest. Fantastic.


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