No Let Up On The Welly Ban

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Friday is the 1st of March as I’m sure you are all aware and one can not help but remember last March and all the glorious weather it brought. In fact for the last few years March has been a good month for sunshine.

You can see where I’m heading :0)) I don’t want to put it in black and white in case I tempt fate but I will say there’s lot and lots of positive thinking going on here and to give it that bit of a boost the welly ban is still in place.

Crocs with socks are winning, ok only with me, as every one else here has refused to hang up their wellies just yet, miserable devils :0))

The girls got their bonnets trimmed yesterday and I’m so glad I did the boys first as the practice certainly improved my efforts yesterday. The girls look simply gorgeous, even if I say so my self.

I’d like to be able to say the same about the boys and looking at them today I really didn’t do that bad a job, but gorgeous is pushing it a little :0))

All that’s left to do on the Alpaca front is toe nail trimming which is due at the end of the week and that will probably see them through until the shearer arrives mid may, Hooray :0))

The next job on the list will have to wait untill the end of the ground frosts, as it involves repairing and revitalizing the paddocks i.e.. chain harrowing, adding grass trac and reseeding bald patches.

Grass Trac if your interested, is a granular supplement which we spread on to our paddocks once a year.

It contains all the trace elements needed to replenish the grass and works by the nutrients being drawn up from the soil by the grass root system into the grass.This is in turn grazed by the Alpacas ensuring that the grass contains the trace elements needed for healthy animals.

Boy that reads like an advertisement, sorry I don’t have shares in the company honest. It’s just that it works really well for us and I like to share anything that I find useful.

Can you tell I’m itching to get started, frost please go away!



  1. Judi  February 27, 2013

    Despite the mud this winter, I actually managed to avoid wearing proper wellies…not quite crocs though, but those Aigle rubber shoes! I must admit that they did get quite muddy but it didn’t quite come over the tops! I get through a pair of decent rubber shoes each year…spend more on them than shoes these days!!

    • Donna  February 27, 2013

      Your lucky at times this winter I think I would have been better off with flippers and a snorkel :0))


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