My Happy Little Helpers

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Father Christmas has his elves, I’ve got a Marlene & Tony.  These two characters are to blame for bringing me into this world, they’re my parents.  There is much debate over who is responsible for my numerous bad habits and mad cap ideas. My parents insist its Neil’s fault as I’ve been with him much longer than I was with them and you can imagine Neil’s version is quite the opposite.

nanny & grampy

My take on this subject, is that they should call me Mary Poppins, perfect in every way.  I can’t print their response to that statement, I’ll just have to leave that to your imagination :0))

They visit the farm every day and as pay back for being so cheeky, I put them to work.  My father is in charge of the muck heap. I have to take my hat off to the Royal Navy, their training is second to none.  My muck heap must be the neatest one there is.  Mind he had to serve twenty five years in the service in order to perfect his technique, but as you can see he is doing a cracking job.  Woe betide any one that messes with his pile of dung, they’re likely to see the end of his pitchfork.

the muck heap

My mother helps feed all the animals, horses, chickens and of course the alpacas.  Her, Dora and Benson where do I start,  the three of them are just so naughty and I’m not sure who is to blame, but there’s always mayhem and far too much laughter when the three of them are in the paddocks together.

my mum & Dorra

I gave Dora to my mother not long after Dora arrived at the farm, they do say pets look like their owners, hence she’s my mother’s :0))

It’s a good job she’ll never be for sale, that’s Dora not my mother, although for the right offer I could probably let them both go as a package deal.  Only kidding I don’t know where I’d be without the help and support from my parents.  Might insist they wear elves costumes for Christmas though, what do you think ?



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